Originally 15 Ding-A-Ling Robots were produced, each designed with unique functions and personalities. These were Shoeshine, Gofer, Spy, Brain, Answerman, Driver, Chef, Claw, Constructo, Fireman, Rocky, Flying Saucer (Twirly), Bank, Policeman, and Boxer. All models were apparently included in various play sets in different combinations but most were available as individual purchases as were their power packs. Some were rarer than others. Boxer seems to have been the most common while Banker, Policeman and Spy are rumored to have only been released in Europe. Other designs were proposed such as Cowboy and Jack-in-the-Box but to date only one example of each has surface. The Ding-A-Lings on this site are ones I have personally owned or verified by other collectors. Some variations in body design, color and size do exist with many Dings. Speculation is that several companies were used to develop molds and dies used in the production.

The order of Ding A Ling rarity as follows:

1. Jack in the Box: One example recently surfaced as a garage sale purchase.

2. Detecto: Seen in the 1970 promotional video but at least 3 actual toys have been verified.

3 Bank: One example recently sighted on Alphadrome.

4 Cowboy: One example recently sighted on Alphadrome.

5. Driver: A single example has recently surfaced. Most likely a prototype.

6. Policeman: Occasionally available with or without whistle and baton.

7. Spy: Open hand or closed. Both versions occasionally available.

8. Answerman: Quite rare in the box but frequently available out of the box. Two versions -

  • Version 1 has 2 yellow balls and 1 green ball while version 2 has 2 green balls and 1 yellow ball

9. Gofer: Frequently available. Two versions -

  • Two styles of feet: one with tread and one without

10. Twirly: Frequently available.

11. Shoeshine : Frequently available.

12. Rocky: Frequently available but with rockets is rare.Versions include:

  • Two body sizes with one slightly larger
  • Two radar dish versions: one oval and one more rectangular
  • Thicker bars on the chest of version 2
  • Larger holes on the chest just above the name on version 1
  • Just below the rocket insert on version 1 you find 3 bars while on version 2 you find 4
  • On the feet of version 1 there is a slight nub while version 2 has non

13. Chef: Frequently available but with salt shaker somewhat rare.Two versions:

  • On the bottom set of vertical buttons on Chef's body, there is a circular button either side. Version 1 has a hole in the center of the circular button while version 2 does not

14. Fireman: Two versions:

  • One version has the hose held in Fireman's left hand, the other has the hose on the right. A simple mirror image

15. Constructo: Frequently available with drill.

16. Claw: Frequently available. Two versions:

  • Version 1 has no large “toe” while version 2 does

17. Boxer: Most common.

18. Brain: Very common. Sold separately and with the King Ding. The salesman promotional video shows Brain and motorized and traveling along the skyway. Although none of these went into production it is quite easy to modify a Brain to accept a powerpack.