King Ding

Perhaps one of the finest designs of battery driven plastic robots from the late sixites/early seventies, the mighty King Ding was unique in that here was a combination of two robots in one. The first being King Ding himself, a 14 inch tall barrel chested behemoth equipped with two massive grasping claws designed for heavy duty construction. The second, Brain, the literal "Brain" behind the brawn, who rode swiftly up the working elevator between the King's legs to assume control. King Ding had the ability to walk with a slow ponderous gait stopping only to let Brain enter or leave the control room via the elevator. On the back of mighty King is a video screen allowing one to watch the action as Brain rises in the elevator and takes his place at the controls. King Ding took an unprecedented 4 D size batteries for his operation (for more images see the album at the bottom of the page). The salesman commercial on this site shows a prototype quite different from the final version.